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Posse Client Review on Parole Grant

Parole Grant & 5-Star Review!

We hired Nick in October of 2021 to help out my brother who has been incarcerated since 1999. The courses Nick offers played a key role in helping my brother heal his traumas and old toxic patterns of thinking that got him there in the first place. I saw a huge transformation in my brother as he started doing the courses. My brother was a little skeptical at times but with our family support, he kept studying the courses, and redoing a few until he started understanding them. Nick was a huge influence as well, calling my brother out on stuff Nick knew was BS, and helping him out when he didn't understand. Nick really held my brother responsible to the truth of this toxic ways of thinking and kept him pointed in the direction of the courses needed to take to take him. My brother is now more conscious to recognize his old patterns of abuse, to steer clear of his old toxic ways of coping when he is triggered and uses the tools he learned from Posse Solutions to keep him calm and aware of his actions. My brother also knows he needs to continue to practice these, and other courses, on a daily basis to help keep him centered in his newly found consciousness. I am happy to say (and so grateful for Nick's help) my brother was granted parole April of this year. Nick went above and beyond in support to my brother from what he offered in his courses. He offers way more than what any attorneys that I researched would offer at a fraction of the cost they charge. Nick really put his heart into his services and helping my brother. I highly recommend him for anyone who is going through the prison system! As long as your loved one is willing to change their old patterns, willing to do the work and can keep an open mind about healing their own negative traumas, they can be successful using Nick’s courses at Posse Solutions. Thank you Nick! You did a fine job!

--Robert Miller

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