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I highly recommend Nick Woodall's services at Posse Solutions. He's been beyond great, very kind, responsive, and extremely helpful. He has helped my husband in the most amazing ways to develop a deep understanding within himself and also with the work he's provided. My husband has become more patient and positive and among many other things. Nick has had a huge impact on my husbands way of thinking as well as mine. And we cannot be more appreciative, grateful, and blessed to have been able to come across Nick. He's truly been a blessing in our lives. We will always consider Nick a friend to us. Thank you from the bottom our hearts.

-- Bree Stegmaier

Dear Nick,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the effort and care you put into helping my son earn his freedom again. It was not an easy road, but your unwavering commitment to his rehabilitation truly made all the difference.

Your guidance and support were truly invaluable to my son during his time in prison. You provided him with the self-help materials and worked alongside him to ensure that he fully understood the material. You took all his calls and never gave up on him, even when the going got tough.

It is inspiring to see your dedication to helping those who are in need and it gives me comfort to know that there are people like you who are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Thanks to your tireless work, my son is now on the path to a better life and has a renewed sense of optimism for his future. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to you for all the support and encouragement you have given him.

Please accept our sincerest thanks for everything you have done to help my son. Your kindness and generosity have truly made all the difference to our family.

With heartfelt appreciation,

-- Dora Guerrero

We hired Nick in October of 2021 to help out my brother who has been incarcerated since 1999. The courses Nick offers played a key role in helping my brother heal his traumas and old toxic patterns of thinking that got him there in the first place. I saw a huge transformation in my brother as he started doing the courses. My brother was a little skeptical at times but with our family support, he kept studying the courses, and redoing a few until he started understanding them. Nick was a huge influence as well, calling my brother out on stuff Nick knew was BS, and helping him out when he didn't understand. Nick really held my brother responsible to the truth of this toxic ways of thinking and kept him pointed in the direction of the courses needed to take to take him. My brother is now more conscious to recognize his old patterns of abuse, to steer clear of his old toxic ways of coping when he is triggered and uses the tools he learned from Posse Solutions to keep him calm and aware of his actions. My brother also knows he needs to continue to practice these, and other courses, on a daily basis to help keep him centered in his newly found consciousness. I am happy to say (and so grateful for Nick's help) my brother was granted parole April of this year. Nick went above and beyond in support to my brother from what he offered in his courses. He offers way more than what any attorneys that I researched would offer at a fraction of the cost they charge. Nick really put his heart into his services and helping my brother. I highly recommend him for anyone who is going through the prison system! As long as your loved one is willing to change their old patterns, willing to do the work and can keep an open mind about healing their own negative traumas, they can be successful using Nick’s courses at Posse Solutions. Thank you Nick! You did a fine job!

--Robert Miller

Nick was the best!! He led my son every step on the way on application for commutation with the governor’s office. He answered all his questions and gave me a sense of relief. He was very timely on returning phone calls and made us feel less stress. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for help and support.

-- Araceli Barcelo


The programs/classes offered by Posse Solutions are critical to the rehabilitation of inmates. My fiancée and I have learned so much. He has been able to identify his weaknesses and shortcomings. He has come to terms with his criminal behavior and is a changed man. Nick Woodall is an awesome individual. He is always available and willing to assist. Thank you Posse Solutions.

--Sharon Scott

Your insight material is worth its weight in gold! My husband received a grant of parole because of it. Thank you so much! 

--Deanne C. 

Understanding Impact & Magnitude! 
Taking this course allowed me to understand what the words Impact and Magnitude mean. It allowed me to understand how my crime impacted my victim, their family, friends and the community. It allowed me to understand how big the magnitude of my crime was in the community where I lived.

-- Jason A. (SATF)

Understanding Causative Factors -- Absolutely Recommend! I liked it because it helps you gain insight and understanding as well as a different way to deal with everyday issues. If you inspire to change, this course is for you. I enjoyed every module because it touched a different crime in each module and different character defects. I highly recommend this!

--Ricky B. (RJD)

Absolutely recommend Understanding Risk of Violence -- My experience is a course like this and everything you offer as well can show me where I need to work on to get the right goals met that will get me paroled. I have been to 7 parole hearings starting in 2001 and barely have a clue about how to go to the board the right way. Thanks to you and your courses... you will get me home! Thank you!

--Richard C. (MCSP)

Understanding Impact & Magnitude
I enjoyed this course very much because it forced me to face the reality of my actions. Thank you.
-- Antjuan C. (CHCF)

Understanding Risk of Violence Course
I have taken three courses from you guys. I have learned so much that I am able to implement what I have learned here in other group settings. I am prepared for board and will be taking more courses before I go back. Thank you, Nick! You are very appreciated! Marquis

--D. (CHCF)

Victim Awareness
I was involved with crime for 40 plus years. This course was exceptional. It was the most understandable and easy to read self-help course. It's complete all the way around. The way it explains the ripple effect of every crime committed, with a focus on the emotional, physical, spiritual and financial impact. It goes to the depths to understand the magnitude of our crimes. The damage I caused to Mr. S., Ms. R., their families, and the community as well as city officials. Thank you for your great course.

--Jerry G. (COR)

Understanding Causative Factors

This course was eye opening and extremely helpful in order for me to connect some much needed dots. I believe that without this course I wouldn't have the insight needed. Thank you once again for taking your time to create this course. --- Shannon H. (CCWF)

Understanding Remorse -- Exceptional! Informative! Helpful! Absolutely Recommend!

Eye opening! It helped me to understand the impact that my crime had on the victim's family and my family. It taught me how to make amends, direct or indirect.

-- John H. (MCSP) 

Understanding Apology Letters 
It was overwhelming emotionally. I'm in tears, but it was much needed. I'm very sorry for what I've done. I would take places right now if I could bring Mr. R. back. Progress doesn't come easy! Thanks for helping me, Nick.

-- Robert P. (CTF)

Understanding Impact & Magnitude -- Very Impactful!

I have done many courses through the mail & in class and by far this one is the best. I don't know if it's due to the fact that Nick has been in my shoes or just these people get us. It's amazing and I am now able to absorb this stuff more easily. 

-- Scott S. (CCI)

Understanding Apology Letters
I would truly like to thank you for your time & understanding, and teaching me about Remorse, and Apology Letters, and Rehabilitation. Thank you!

-- Anthony S. (MCSP)

Understanding Remorse 

This course was an experience I will not forget. The information in it indeed enlightened me even greater into insights. I can truly say that I now have tools to help me to stay on the right track. This is inspirational, making me want to be a better person and it has also given me a different perspective of others views. Thank you.

--Randy T. (SATF)

Understanding Impact & Magnitude is exceptional!

This course has helped me to dive deep and put my story and insight into words. Thank you.

Understanding Responsibility

I really like the way you break everything down first then put it all together at the end to make a statement.

Understanding Apology Letters

Thank you for teaching me how to write a better apology letter. I absolutely recommend this course! 

--Samuel R. (RJD)

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