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Another Parole Grant for Posse Solutions Client

We are proud to announce that another client has been granted parole! We have been working extensively with Glenn Marquez to prepare him for his suitability hearing for nearly 2 years.

Glenn received a 5-year denial in October 2019. Later, the family hired Posse Solutions to prepare Glenn. We didn't waste any time! We immediately enrolled Glenn into our Insight certificate courses and, upon completion, drafted a petition to advance his next hearing date (PTA). It was approved in December 2021! After a delay by the BPH and rescheduling of the hearing, which allowed us more time to prepare, Glenn was granted parole yesterday! After 26 years, we are so happy for Glenn and his family to begin the next chapter of their lives -- FREE!

Would you like to learn more about how to prepare your loved one for their parole suitability hearing? We can help. Learn about the process and what it takes to obtain a grant of parole from someone who has received one at the first hearing! Email us at, or call us at (213) 572-6227 for more information. #BPH #parolesuitability #rehabilitation #insight #remorse #paroleplans #relapsepreventionplans #remorse #responsibility

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