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Posse Solutions LLC is proud to share first person client video reviews from David Acosta and Butch Miller with our followers (see Home page). David (served over 20 years) and Butch (served over 25 years) tackled the hard work with us, completing our insight courses and mock hearings and followed our instruction each step of the way unto FREEDOM! Congratulations David and Butch! We are excited to see your journey of living a life of amends and being a pillar in your community! Big things are ahead for you both!

Would you like to learn more about how to prepare your loved one for their parole suitability hearing? We can help. Learn about the process and what it takes to obtain a grant of parole! Email us at, or call us at (213) 572-6227 for more information. #BPH #parolesuitability #rehabilitation #insight #remorse #paroleplans #relapsepreventionplans #remorse #responsibility

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