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Cal Supreme Court Reverses Conviction

People v. Ware Court: Supreme Court of California, Docket: S263923, Opinion Date: December 1, 2022. The Supreme Court reversed Defendant's conviction for conspiracy to commit murder, holding that there was insufficient evidence to support the conviction. After a jury trial, Defendant and his codefendants were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and other offenses. As to all three defendants, the jury found that the conspiracy was for the benefit of a criminal street gang. Defendant appealed, challenging the sufficiency of the evidence. The court of appeal affirmed. The Supreme Court reversed, holding that, after considering the record in its entirety, the evidence presented at trial was insufficient to show that Defendant had the requisite intent to enter into an agreement to commit murder.

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Thank you Nick! My husband Gary was released this morning after 18 years. This has been a process that is not easy. You helped him through the parole suitability hearing so much. Your knowledge of the system is really more than people have about how it works, what you need to understand and all the steps to get released early. You were always available for our questions and eased our minds from alot of "hear say". You knew all along what was the right thing.. Nick tells it like it is, he is very straightforward and a very nice man to work with. I honestly do not think he would be out today without your help. Thank you so much,we are grateful. --Angela Elerick


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