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Christina Speaks! Posse Solutions Client Review

Hello my name is Christina Acosta I am the wife of David Acosta. My husband and I were blessed for God placing Mr. Nick Woodall in our lives and blessing us with an opportunity to work with him on getting my husband a grant for parole. Nick has been there for us since day one with any questions or one on one sessions my husband needed. Always attentive and helpful with all our needs. His courses have helped him understand the person he was and what lead up to his incarceration. Nick’s courses go into depth and insight. With hard work, and God’s will my husband was granted parole in December 27, 2023! Thank you Nick for all you did for us and working closely with us. I appreciate you for uplifting and encouraging my husband! May God Bless You and all those who you help.

--Christina Acosta

From all of us at Posse Solutions who worked on David's case, we want to thank David and Christina for trusting us each step of the way! It was a pleasure working with you both! Next step: FREEDOM!

If you would you like to learn more about how to prepare your loved one for their parole suitability hearing? We can help. Learn about the process and what it takes to obtain a grant of parole! Email us at, or call us at (213) 572-6227 for more information. #BPH #parolesuitability #rehabilitation #insight #remorse #paroleplans #relapsepreventionplans #remorse #responsibility

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