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Clemency Application Preparation Services

Thank you for your interest in our Clemency Application Preparation Services. Please allow me to shed some light on this process. When a prisoner submits an application for clemency, the Governor's Office staff review it to ascertain whether it is one that depicts someone worthy of the Governor's mercy. This consideration is usually informed by the prisoner's demonstrated level insight. Specifically, their understanding of responsibility, impact & magnitude, remorse, and causative factors of their crime(s). As well, much attention is paid to other signs of rehabilitation (i.e., disciplinary-free time, educational/vocational achievements, and self-help participation & facilitating).

If the Governor's Office staff observe this, the case will likely be referred to the CDCR's Board of Prison Hearings (BPH) to conduct an investigation. A Senior Investigator will be assigned to review the application as well as the prisoner's Central File to determine whether the circumstances warrant a Clemency Interview with the prisoner. During the interview, the BPH Investigator seeks to learn if the person before them corresponds to the application that was submitted. They will be especially looking for demonstrated insight, as noted above, as well as the prisoner's parole and relapse prevention plans. I have Global-Tel Link and Getting Out accounts so that I may consult with your loved one directly.

My services include everything you and your incarcerated loved one need to prepare and submit a successful application for commutation of sentence with the Governor’s Office.

This includes informing and educating your loved one on the necessary Statements of Insight: Responsibility, Impact & Magnitude, Remorse, and Causative Factors. I also aid them in drafting quality Apology Letters, Parole Plans and Relapse Prevention Plan(s) for their application, consulting with them to prepare such documents and instructing them on the elements of each document. I provide assistance in writing them and then organizing these documents in the application itself.

We do this by enrolling each of our clients into our Insight certificate courses: Understanding Causative Factors, Understanding Remorse, Understanding Responsibility, Understanding Impact & Magnitude. Additionally, we further prepare them by enrolling them into Understanding Risk of Violence (Psychological Evaluation preparation course), and Understanding Apology Letters -- a must have for anyone appearing before the parole board. These courses are included in this service.

I will order their Central File, with their permission, and review it to determine the best course for success. Specifically, I will analyze case factors and post-conviction disciplinaries to ensure responsibility and accountability are taken as well a development of insight into the motivations behind the behaviors.

I make contact with all of your loved one’s supporters (family & friends) to provide the necessary instruction, encouragement, and constant reminders to identify support, generate the support letter, and provide the templates and direction to create the perfect support letters.

As we journey through this process, I will scan each completed document into our cloud-based digital storage and maintain all documentation for you and your loved one. When we complete the application components, I will assemble everything into the actual Clemency Application and prepare it for submission. I will then forward the final draft to you and your incarcerated loved one for approval, and upon such will upload the application to the Governor’s office for review. I will obtain the Legal Affairs Secretary’s confirmation of receipt email and forward it to you both.

Additionally, throughout this process, I will prepare your loved one for their Clemency Interview and educate them how to demonstrate insight into their criminal rehabilitation so they are perfectly prepared when their interview comes.

These services are unlimited up to and including such time as we submit the application to the Governor’s Office. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your loved one's application is the best it can possibly be and that they are beyond prepared for their interview. I will work with you both until we accomplish this.

If you would like more information, please contact me at your convenience.

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