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Commissioners Cite Posse Solutions in Grant

Deputy Commissioner Shinaver: And, I do see that you also participated, this looks like something you did on your own. I was pretty impressed by this. I thought this was good. Posse Solutions. Is that correspondence courses that you found on your own and are undertaking or what? Explain that to us.

Inmate Marquez: during the pandemic I talked to my wife and explained that I needed self-help courses. I'm just sitting here in the cell and not able to go to self-help groups because we're completely locked down. I was talking to a friend of mine and he gave me a newsletter from Posse Solutions and I was reading it and I came across these correspondence courses that they were providing at a cost. I talked to my wife and she agreed to get seven courses on insight.

Deputy Commissioner Shinaver: Very good. Let me just say, there's a letter in your file that you provided. It's dated November 23, 2022, from Posse Solutions, and they list a number of courses that you purchased and they state that you successfully completed them as well.

Inmate Marquez: Yes, sir.

Presiding Commissioner Sullivan: Based on the legal standards and evidence considered, we find you do not pose unreasonable risk to public safety and are, therefore, suitable for parole.

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