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Criminal Rehabilitation & The Redemption Dilemma

Join us October 20-23, 2021 for the International Prisoner's Family Conference.

Topics that will be discussed are the elements of INSIGHT within the purview of criminal rehabilitation: 1) Causative Factors (aka, character defects) of criminality and how they were transmitted, adopted, and reinforced in the prisoner’s life; 2) Responsibility and the necessity of accepting it; 3) Remorse and its two components (empathy & amends); and 4) Impact & Magnitude, specifically, the ripple effect a criminal act has on its victims and society at large.

Next is a discussion on the components of a successful Clemency Application and/or Parole Board Portfolio beginning with the statements of insight (as described above), apology letters to all direct victims, documentation of educational/vocational upgrades & self-help participation, parole plans, support letters, and relapse prevention plans.

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