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Got Insight?

Insight is defined as the power or act of seeing into a situation; or, the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively. Lack of Insight is the number one reason why prisoners are denied parole and why the Governor's Office passes on applications for commutation of sentence (without informing the prisoner). It is that nexus between the life crime and the present risk to public safety.

California courts have made clear that a historical factor such as a prisoner's commitment offense or prior offenses cannot be utilized to deny parole suitability UNLESS there is a connection between these factors and a present risk to public safety. Therefore, the easiest way to pass on a clemency application or to deny parole is to cite a prisoner’s lack of insight. The fact is that MOST applicants fail to prepare and submit the important Statements of Insight, Remorse, Responsibility, Impact & Magnitude, Apology Letters, and Relapse Prevention Plan. These are a must for ALL Clemency Applications.

It's much more than just slapping together a couple pages of an Insight Statement. Insight is inherent in the context of criminal rehabilitation. It's not an abstract idea that is relative or subjective by any means. It's understanding and identifying one's defects of character, when & where they originated, how they were reinforced throughout one's life, and how they factored into one's criminality and life crime(s). I know that's a lot to consider. That is why I have developed materials to educate prisoners on how to discover Insight within themselves: Insight Overview for the California Prisoner.

Moreover, it's vitally important for the prisoner to UNDERSTAND the required elements of each of these Statements and be able to readily discuss them when called upon at the Clemency Interview (by the BPH Investigator).

All Clemency Applications must demonstrate an understanding of Insight in order to have any chance of obtaining that coveted Clemency Interview. Once there, the prisoner must present in the same manner in order to receive BPH's recommendation to the Governor to commute. If you ARE prepared you don't have to GET prepared!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to go to my website and read my Clemency Application Preparation Services under the Services tab. Don't be deceived by unscrupulous attorneys and paralegals... be informed!

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