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New Customer Discounts!

Is your loved one preparing for a parole board hearing or clemency application? Have they developed the necessary Insight to be found suitable? Have they addressed the issues that motivated their criminal actions? If not, they will be denied. Be informed & Be prepared!

Our certificate courses provide all this and more!

#1211 - Understanding Remorse (6 modules) $35.00* (Ship-$3.30)

#1210 - Understanding Responsibility (4 modules) $25.00* (Ship-$2.20)

#1209 - Understanding Impact & Magnitude (4 modules) $25.00* (Ship-$2.20)

#1208 - Understanding Causative Factors (12 modules) $75.00* (Ship-$6.60)

#1207 - Victim Awareness (12 modules) $75.00* (Ship-$6.60)

#1206 - Understanding Risk of Violence (6 modules) $35.00* (Ship-$3.30)

#1222 - Understanding Apology Letters (4 modules) $25.00* (Ship-$2.20)

#1230 - Anger Management (10 modules) $75.00* (Ship-$5.50)

#1231 - Sex Offender Treatment-Advanced (10) $135.00* (Ship-$12.00)

#1232 - Understanding Domestic Violence (13) $75.00* (Ship-$7.70)

#1234 - Understanding Substance Use Disorder-Advanced (10) $125.00* (Ship-$12.00)

Upon completion of each course, your loved one will receive a Certificate & Letter of Completion. Posse SOLUTIONS, LLC will also send the same to their Counselor for inclusion into your Central File (SOMS & ERMS). (* Plus Calif./L.A. County Sales Tax 9.5%)

Check out our testimonials on the Reviews tab!

Would you like for your loved one to be apprised of all updates in the law whether it be judicial decisions or pending legislation? POSSE SOLUTIONS, LLC produces and publishes PLU MAX! the premiere legal newsletter for the California prisoner. We report on the latest updates with the Judiciary, Legislature, CDCR, and BPH. We also provide the occasional civics lesson so our readers know how it all works. We only report on laws, rules, regulations & procedures that directly affect your loved one. Our goal is to educate the California prisoner so that he/she may develop the tools necessary to gain their freedom!

Item #1213 - PLU MAX! is published monthly (12/yr.) and a yearly subscription is $36.00

For a limited time we are offering a 10% discount on all products listed above! Don't wait! This won't be around long! Just enter "POSSE1" at checkout! If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, please call (213) 340-1232. We can process your order over the phone for a smooth and easy experience. Hope to hear from you soon! Have a great day!

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