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Parole Board Preparation Services

Hello, my name is Nick Woodall. I am the President & Founder of POSSE SOLUTIONS, LLC. I am a Paralegal/Consultant specializing in clemency application preparation, parole board hearing preparation, and psychological evaluation preparation. I am the publisher of the legal newsletter PLU MAX! and actively involved in criminal justice reform.

I served 32 years of a life without the possibility of parole (LWOP) sentence for murder in CDCR. I wrote my own clemency application and was granted a commutation by Governor Brown. Five weeks later I appeared for my first psychological evaluation and received a “Low” risk of future violence whose designation “could be lowered further upon confirmation of transitional housing and job offers.” It was! I then appeared before the parole board for my first suitability hearing and was granted parole in 1 hour and 38 minutes; the last 20 minutes consisted of the commissioner detailing the reasons for the suitability finding. The fact is that I had studied this process for nearly 2 decades. I was prepared when my opportunity came. I have instructed hundreds of prisoners in Insight workshops, Psychological Evaluation classes, and Clemency workshops. Many of whom have also gained their freedom. I can do the same for your loved one!

My services here with respect to preparing your loved one for their suitability hearing includes everything s/he needs to get a Low risk of future violence designation from the Psychologist and a grant of parole at the suitability hearing. This includes informing and educating them on the necessary component documentation of the Board Portfolio (Statements of Insight, Responsibility, Remorse, Impact, Relapse Prevention Plan, and Apology Letters), consulting with them to prepare such documents, instructing them on the elements of each document, assisting them in writing them, and then organizing these into the Portfolio itself. I also have a JPay/Getting Out email account and a Global-Tel Link telephone account so that I can consult with them directly.

I will order your loved one’s Central File, with their permission, and review it to determine the best course for success and ensure that they have as much rehabilitation self-help participation as possible. I will enroll them into all of my 7 Insight BPH Preparation certificate courses: Understanding Causative Factors, Understanding Remorse, Understanding Impact & Magnitude, Understanding Responsibility, Understanding Risk of Violence, Victim Awareness, Understanding Apology Letters. These are included in my fee. If any of these certificate courses have been previously purchased, I will deduct the cost from my fees. As well, the following courses are available should they be necessary (depending on specific case factors): Anger Management, Sex Offender Treatment, Understanding Domestic Violence-Advanced, Understanding Substance Use Disorder-Advanced, and Denial Management.

I also make contact with all supporters (family & friends) to provide the necessary instruction, encouragement, and constant reminders to identify support, generate the support letter, and provide the templates and direction to create the perfect support letters.

As we journey through this process, I will scan each completed document into a secure cloud-based digital file, forward each support letter to the respective Lifer’s Desk at their facility and/or BPH headquarters (or to the attorney), and maintain all documentation for you. When we complete the Portfolio components, I will assemble them into the actual Board Portfolio, upload them into the storage file, and forward the final draft to you and them for approval.

These services are unlimited up to and including such time as s/he appears before the BPH panel for their parole suitability hearing. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that they are perfectly prepared and that their portfolio is the best possible. And I will work with you both until we accomplish this.

The flat fee for this full service is $3,500.00. I do not accept any monies until we have agreed on the terms via an Independent Contractor Agreement (contract) detailing all the aforementioned provisions prior to any exchange of fees. I also offer flexible payment plans with a reasonable down payment and agreement for monthly payments. I can accommodate any budget! However, all fees will have to be paid prior to the scheduled hearing.

Don’t wait! Call now to schedule your free consultation at (213) 572-6227, or email I look forward to hearing from you! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a good day.


Nick Woodall, President & CEO

Posse Solutions LLC

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