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AB 124 – (Kamlager) Status: 06/16/2021 AB-124: Criminal procedure. Has been Set FOR Hearing ON 06-JUL-21 9 a.m.

Bill Analysis Summary: Expands access to vacatur relief and the affirmative defense of coercion for victims of human trafficking and creates that same relief for victims of intimate partner violence and sexual violence; requires courts, in making sentencing determinations, to consider whether trauma, youthfulness, or being a victim of human trafficking or intimate partner violence contributed to commission of the current offense; and makes evidence of mental state admissible on the issue of whether or not the accused actually formed the required mental state for the crime charged, as specified.

AB 990 – (Santiago) Status: 06/16/2021 AB-990: Prisons: inmate visitation. Has been Set FOR Hearing ON 13-JUL-21 1:30 p.m.Bill Analysis Summary: Establishes the right of visitation as a protected civil right for a person in custody of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ("CDCR"), changes the standard of review for when CDCR limits civil rights, and establishes restrictions on denying a person visitation rights.

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