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> Understanding Remorse (6 modules) $35.00*

> Understanding Responsibility (4 modules) $25.00*

> Understanding Impact & Magnitude (4 modules) $25.00*

> Understanding Causative Factors (12 modules) $75.00*

> Victim Awareness (12 modules) $75.00*

> Understanding Psych. Evaluations (6 modules) $35.00*

> Understanding Apology Letters (4 modules) $25.00*

> Anger Management (10 modules) $75.00* NEW!

Is your loved one struggling to understand Insight? Have they been denied parole suitability for "lack of insight"? These comprehensive courses are for them! The get one-on-one instruction you cannot find anywhere else! Do not wait!

Upon completion of each course, they will receive a Certificate & Letter of Completion. Posse Solutions will also send the same to their Counselor for inclusion into their Central File (SOMS & ERMS).

Visit us on the Shop tab, or call and place your order now: (213) 340-1232

*Plus 9.5% CA/LA Co. Sales Tax & Postage ($0.55 per module)

Here’s what R.B. (RJD) said: I like the course because it helps you gain insight and understanding. If you aspire to change this course is for you. I highly recommend this!

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