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Posse Solutions Client Review

On behalf of myself, my husband, and our family, we want to thank Nick Woodall and his team at Posse Solutions, for the outstanding support and guidance we needed to submit our commutation/clemency packet to Governor Newsom's office. Nick and his team have been there every step of the way by providing answers to our many questions and reassuring us of the many potential opportunities we have by committing to our work. His courses have provided my husband the knowledge and understanding to the elements of insight such as; understanding responsibility, understanding remorse, understanding impact and magnitude, and understanding insight into causative factors. This allowed my husband to become more aware of who he was, who he is today, and who he wants to continue to be. His courses on understanding apology letters have allowed him to gain empathy on how his actions impact others and hold himself accountable on all that he does. The courses/material that he has provided is second to none and has been the greatest experience that we have had. What Nick and his team do at Posse Solutions, has strengthen and reinforced the hope and faith in his commitment to change, in bettering himself, being of service, and striving for freedom. We highly recommend Nick and his team to anyone and their families to grasp the opportunity to gain deep insight and seeks to solidify the hope and faith that they too can have and acknowledge that they do not have to do this process alone. They have helped us put a wonderful portfolio together, which brought tears to our eyes, because we were now able to see the hard work that he has put in to get to this point. We are incredibly thankful to Nick Woodall and his team at Posse Solutions. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. We came to you unsure, and now you have made us sure that this was the right thing to do. Thank you so much.

---Araceli Salas

Would you like to learn more about Clemency and whether it’s right for your loved one? We can help. Learn about the process and what it takes to obtain a grant of commutation from someone who has received one! Email us at, or call us at (213) 572-6227 for more information. #clemency #commutationofsentence #rehabilitation #insight

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