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Posse Solutions, LLC Client Parole Grant

Transcript of Parole Hearing for Posse Solutions, LLC Client Gary Elerick, June 7, 2022.

DEPUTY COMMISSIONER SHINAVER: Okay. And I just have one other question for you. You've written out two relapse prevention plans, and they're, um, they're typewritten and they seem, um, pretty clear. Did you, did you put those together yourself? Did you, did you type those out, or put them together yourself?

INMATE ELERICK: No, sir, I didn't. Uh, my wife hired a, uh — Posse Solutions. That's the name of the company, uh, that sends me a lot of paperwork and, uh, stuff that I needed to do for homework and stuff like that, uh, regarding, uh, many things in parole. And, uh, he — After I sent all that stuff back to him, he graded it, and he's the one that typed it up.


INMATE ELERICK: His name is Nick.

DEPUTY COMMISSIONER SHINAVER: Oh, I see. Okay. But this was, but this was based off of your thinking and your information that you provided to him?

INMATE ELERICK: It was based on the, uh, the paperwork that he sent me, which was homework for me. And, uh, I read it and-and, uh, uh, answered the questions...


PRESIDING COMMISSIONER SHARRIEFF: We find that Mr. Elerick does not pose an unreasonable risk to public safety and is, therefore, suitable for parole.

We also note that the CRA indicated that you are a moderate risk for future violence, but the doctor opined that you're on the lower scale of that moderate risk rating. The Panel gave that less weight, as far as your moderate risk rating. This is due in part to you being able to provide the Panel with detailed parole plans and also relapse prevention plans. And more importantly, you were able to articulate today your internal and external triggers for dealing with substance abuse, as well as your coping skills dealing with substance abuse as well.

Nick, thank you so much for your help, patience, and always answering our calls with questions. Gary could not of done it without you. We are forever grateful to you.

--Angela Elerick, wife of Gary.

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