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Posse Solutions LLC Client Reviews

Parole Grant & Release & 5-Star Reviews!

Nick was the best!! He led my son every step on the way on application for commutation

with the governor’s office. He answered all his questions and gave me a sense of relief. He was very timely on returning phone calls and made us feel less stress. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for help and support.Araceli B.

I don't mean to brag but this man Nick Woodall is the best of the best. I would recommend him across the world. We started dealing with him not too long ago and he's done wonders for my brother who has being locked up for 15 years. He is a very very honest man and truly helps you. What he says he's going to do for you he does it all and above. Since he's been working with my brother, my brother's attitude has changed tremendously; he’s always upbeat. You will not regret working with him believe me.Leticia G.

Nick is the best, been there and done that. He is very experienced in life after prison. I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES. Thanks Mucho, I don't need his services but he will be my friend for life.—Gary K.

Thank you Nick! My husband Gary was released this morning after 18 years. This has been a process that is not easy. You helped him through the parole suitability hearing so much. Your knowledge of the system is really more than people have about how it works, what you need to understand and all the steps to get released early. You were always available for our questions and eased our minds from a lot of "hear say". You knew all along what was the right thing.. Nick tells it like it is, he is very straightforward and a very nice man to work with. I honestly do not think he would be out today without your help. Thank you so much, we are grateful.—Angela E.

The programs/classes offered by Posse Solutions are critical to the rehabilitation of inmates. My fiancée and I have learned so much. He has been able to identify his weaknesses and shortcomings. He has come to terms with his criminal behavior and is a changed man. Nick Woodall is an awesome individual. He is always available and willing to assist. Thank you Posse Solutions.Sharon S.

(Editor’s Note: These reviews were taken from Google Business when searching for Posse Solutions LLC.)

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