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SB 1106 Update

SB 1106, Wiener. Status: 8/23/2022, "Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 12:30 p.m." Legislative Counsel’s Digest: Existing law requires a court to order a defendant who is convicted of a crime in this state to pay full restitution to the victim and a separate restitution fine, as specified. Existing law, in specified cases, including when the defendant has successfully completed probation or successfully participated in the California Conservation Camp program, requires a court to dismiss the accusation, as described, thus releasing the person of any penalties and disabilities of conviction, except as otherwise provided. Existing law authorizes the court, in its discretion and in the interest of justice, in specified cases to provide that relief to a defendant who does not meet the stated requirements. This bill would prohibit a petition for relief, whether statutorily authorized or in the court’s discretion, from being denied due to an unfulfilled order of restitution or restitution fine. Existing law prohibits a parolee or inmate from being released on parole to reside in another receiving state if the parolee or inmate is subject to an unsatisfied order for restitution to a victim or a restitution fine with the sending state, except as specified. This bill would remove that prohibition.

Does your incarcerated loved one need self-help rehabilitation courses? Posse Solutions LLC Certificate Courses are for you!

Understanding Causative Factors

Understanding Impact & Magnitude

Understanding Responsibility

Understanding Remorse

Understanding Risk of Violence

Understanding Apology Letters

Victim Awareness

Anger Management

Sex Offender Treatment-Advanced

Understanding Domestic Violence-Advanced

Understanding Substance Use Disorder-Advanced

Denial Management

Upon successful completion of the course, we mail your loved one their certificate and letter of completion and we forward the same to their counselor and/or BPH.

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