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Supreme Court Approves Pardon Request for 2-Time Felon

6/29/2022— Today, the Supreme Court granted Governor Gavin Newsom authority to pardon Julie Ruehle for her 1999 convictions for drug possession and unlawfully stealing a car. Anyone who, like Ruehle, has been "twice convicted of a felony" must first obtain an affirmative court recommendation before the governor can give mercy. The court has stated that a deferential threshold is used in its evaluation of clemency recommendation requests. Additionally, Newsom has an almost flawless track record; although he withdrew one request before to a decision, the court granted all 50 of his other requests. That's preferable to previous governor Jerry Brown, who had the court abruptly block 10 clemency grants that were intended. A request being denied implies that granting clemency would be an abuse of authority. Only 21 days have passed since Newsom made his request for Ruehle's advice. That turnaround time is quick. In fact, it shares the record for the Newsom administration's quickest recommendations with two other opinions. Two decisions that were rendered 338 days after petitions were made represent the other end of the range. The average amount of time until a decision is 83 days.

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