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Understanding Causative Factors Certificate Course

“[Y]ou’ve demonstrated good insight into your criminal history and the causative factors of your life crime. Uh, you have accepted responsibility for crimes and you don’t minimize or deflect blame. You also seem to have a understanding of, and a remorse for the harm you caused your victims.”

“Mr. Soberanis, we do not find evidence of current dangerousness, and we are granting you parole today.” BPH Commissioner Julie Garland, 4/28/2022 re: Posse Solutions, LLC Client Frank Soberanis AM2409

Understanding Causative Factors certificate course teaches the prisoner how to develop Insight Into Causative Factors (aka, character defects) with practical, easy to learn instruction. They will learn how to "connect the dots" of the character defect from its origins unto the turning point. This understanding is vital to obtaining a grant of clemency and/or parole. $125 (12 modules) (Tax & Postage Included in Price)

Upon successful completion of the course, we mail your loved one their certificate and letter of completion and we forward the same to their counselor and/or BPH.

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Jul 22, 2022

Is that cdcr recognized

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