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Understanding Impact & Magnitude Certificate Course

“Um, you did start recently taking programs through the outside company, Posse Solutions, and it appears you did diligently complete those. You submitted your writings for that which demonstrate that you’ve learned a lot about your insight and your risk factors, things like that.” --BPH Commissioner Julie Garland, 4/28/2022 re: Posse Solutions, LLC Client Frank Soberanis AM2409

Understanding Impact & Magnitude teaches the prisoner how to discover and develop an understanding of the impact & magnitude their criminal actions have had on their victims. This course further instructs the prisoner on how to demonstrate such knowledge in the context of criminal rehabilitation. $30 (4 modules) (Tax & Postage Included in Price)

Upon successful completion of the course, we mail your loved one their certificate and letter of completion and we forward the same to their counselor and/or BPH.

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